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1501 Admiral Wilson Blvd - Camden, New Jersey 08109
Toll Free: 800-WSI-4-YOU
Telephone: 856-365-0333 - Fax: 856-365-0888
E-Mail: [email protected]


World Trade

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Licensed Import Broker

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US Customs Bonded Warehouse

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Warehouse Service Inc. offers you more than its outstanding 100,000 square-foot, fully sprinklerized warehouse facility, equipped with the most up-to-date security system assuring you optimum fire and theft protection.

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We offer a full line of import/export distribution services as well as being a US Customs bonded warehouse. Strategic locations of our facilities allowing quick movement of your product by rail, water, air or truck. Fully computerized trouble free inventory control, transportation bills of lading, invoicing and personalized service by your own account supervisor.

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